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Seamless Voice, Data and Video Communications - MWI Consultant Singapore’s Main Concern

MWI has many years of experience in designing and developing unified communication systems to help companies improve their operations. In response, businesses have found the need to utilize a unified and integrated communications infrastructure which incorporates all communications formats people require, allowing users to consistently program their messages to meet specific goals. MWI has, therefore, developed this capability to allow the greatest benefit from individual messaging formats: phone calls, video clips, chatting, video conference and texting. Let us look at these formats and understand how they can be unified to benefit enterprises:



  1. Phone calls – Phone calls have served to link people directly for decades; however, with the advent of video-interphase, communicating has become more efficient and direct. Voice-and-video interphase has become a norm in social and business world communication.
  2. Chatting – In the first generation IT system, chatting provided a crude way of interacting globally with others through text messaging in the absence of cellular phones. Today, this format has eventually also incorporated video capability to provide a more expansive means of communicating.
  3. Phone-texting – Just like chatting, texting by phone has become a common linkage for private and public entities. Likewise, together with video capability, using the phone via short messages services (sms) has benefitted many people and enterprises.
  4. Video-conferencing – This format allows more than two and an unlimited number of individuals to hold a meeting online using voice and video interphase.

These modes of communications seem commonplace for most people nowadays. However, unifying these and making them available to an enterprise, for example in as customer service and other business processing purposes, creates an architecture that can integrate a company’s operations with fast and effective results, optimizing costs and maximizing profit. MWI Consultant’s Unified Message Switch aims precisely to provide the advantages and capabilities required by today’s highly competitive businesses. Learning how to use this system to one’s advantage can help enhance productivity and profitability.

MWI Consultant’s UMS (Unified Message Switch): Applications in Public Safety

The growing occurrence of natural calamities and disasters has provided many entrepreneurs and government people to innovate in terms of relief and emergency response solutions. Although such events as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions cannot be predicted accurately, the public can be encouraged to prepare for any eventuality and to address immediate risks in order to preserve life and reduce damage to property. Public safety is a primary concern not just of the government authorities but also of every individual and family.

This is where technology can serve a vital role in increasing the public’s capability to manage risks due to natural as well as human-induced disasters (economic collapse, massive unemployment, terrorist attacks, etc.). Having a life-support during any emergency situation can help people to cope and to move on with confidence and greater determination to improve our collective effort to support and secure the community.

MWI’s Unified Message Switch (UMS) allows users to send messages in various social media formats in one unified infrastructure, providing efficient and faster transmission. Such a facility becomes an advantage when it comes to vital communication links related to disaster management and other rapid-response situations. And even in ordinary communication needs, in business and social media, having this capability allows greater advantage and adaptability to specific messaging requirements in areas as medical service, transportation, construction and police work.

Public safety is of utmost importance; and prevention, as it is often said, beats having to manage or minimize damages due to natural or human-induced disasters. Communication plays a crucial role in this goal to ensure that any risks to public safety be anticipated and managed with the least amount of time, cost and damage as possible.

MWI Consultant’s has ten years of solid experience in “designing and deploying successful and highly reliable solutions”. Their team is “committed to give every customer the best service based on (their) shared values and trust”.

Metropolitan Wireless International: Mobile technology and its advantages in the field of logistics and transportation

Logistics companies have been using mobile technology to track and handle logistics and transport courses. Mobile technology surely plays a huge part in logistics today because it provides constant development and progress to its processes.

MWI Singapore imparts the advantages of mobile technology in logistics and transportation in the following:

Cargo and vehicles are being monitored dynamically

MWI Consultants Singapore is sure that the ability to dynamically monitor cargo and vehicles is among the significant and most rewarding advantages mobile technology has supplied in the logistics and transport sectors. You can also enhance your customer service if you're knowledgeable about the real-time data of your processes.

Logistics firms would actually monitor deliveries every time they arrived at a key destination in their journey before. Today, it is now possible to monitor an individual package on a meter-by-meter or a second-by-second basis with the present generation of mobile technology. Solutions offered by mobile devices don't just identify issues once they appear but also determine problems before they even occur.

Procedures have been paperless

This is considered as one of the most important advantages of mobile technology according to MWI Consulting. It has brought a competitive edge to the logistics and transport sectors. With this, usage of paper forms has been gradually removed. Mobile technology also ensures that your information can be readily accessed and are protected on a regular basis. Having this, you can now save a lot of time and you can be certain that your data is collected in one place.

Delivery process is now flexible

Another great advantage the Metropolitan Wireless International has found in mobile technology is the way it can alter routes and delivery schedules while in flight. It provides a rise in the control of supply chains including a degree of flexibility in the management procedure.

MWI has a remarkable history and expertise in the transport sector providing comprehensive customized software solutions, consulting services and project management services to their customers over the years. Their professionals are compassionate, driven and strong-willed, and constantly giving their customers state-of-the-art services.